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    About Joon Kim

    Joon Kim is a composer for film and interactive media, as well as a conductor, performer, and mixer. He received his Bachelor's Degree in Film Scoring with a minor in Video Game Scoring at Berklee College of Music in 2023.

    He started learning piano at age 5, viola and guitar at age 10, and violin at age 14. During this time he performed at numerous recitals, performances, and competitions - such as the Chicago Youth in Music Festival, Baroque Piano competitions, pit orchestras, and most recently the Berklee Contemporary Orchestra as first chair Violist. When not performing or composing music for various projects, he is a private teacher of music, both in performance and composition.

    Joon has taught piano privately since his third year of high school and has worked with various students of all ages, from Pre-School to adults. He has since then expanded his tutoring to Viola, the AP Music Theory exam, music composition, and music production and mixing. His main focus in lessons is making sure that students enjoy their music education process and get the chance to work on music that they already enjoy and listen to as a way of strengthening their connection to the creative arts. To accomplish this, he often spends time arranging existing music into more digestible versions for his students to learn and practice alongside the lesson material so that they can improve in a more fulfilling and immediately rewarding way, as well as gaining skills that will slowly build up their foundation as a musical student.

    With music being his life-long passion it is rare to see him working on a project completely unrelated to it, as he often works on musical analyses of music in media, whether it's the new hit movie, a random student film, or a game that he's currently playing in his off time.

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