Teacher Profile: Joia Hansen

Joia Hansen

Joia Hansen

Instrument(s): Music Production, Music Theory, Piano

City: Denver

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    About Joia Hansen

    Joia lives and breathes music. He grew up in sunny Santa Cruz, California in the mid 90's, dancing around fires on the beach on full moon nights. He has been playing piano since 2004, producing music digitally since 2010, engineering music since 2020, and DJ-ing since 2016.

    Joia prides himself in maintaining a diverse taste in genres (his 2023 Spotify Wrapped playlist officially tallied 163 genres!). His musical style gravitates around jazz, funk, soul, hip hop, bass, disco, and/or some fusion of those genres. He is a lifelong proponent of improvisation, and especially enjoys encouraging his students to begin improvising as soon as possible.

    Joia has been teaching piano and music production to students for the last few years, and is actively working to advance his own personal music project. One thing you can expect to get while working with him is a very lively and lighthearted experience based around personal connection, shared passion, and musical exploration. He looks forward to working with as many students in the Denver area as possible!

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