Teacher Profile: Johnathan Villegas

Johnathan Villegas

Johnathan Villegas

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Ukulele

City: Seattle

Education: Shoreline Community College

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    About Johnathan Villegas

    Born and raised in the greater Seattle area, Johnathan Villegas also known as “Jony Villemar” is a Mexican-American multi-instrumentalist, producer, recording artist, dancer and choreographer. He teaches Guitar, Saxophone, Piano, Music Production and Music Theory! He also used to dance professionally for the 2021-2022 Seattle Seahawks Dancers!

    Growing up Jony always had a passion for music. He would play with his toy keyboard at 4 years old and would learn how to play short melodies BY EAR! He played in multiple music groups like his elementary school band through high school jazz band. He was awarded Most Inspirational in 2014 when he was 14 in his middle school Jazz band. He also took AP Music Theory in High School as well as music theory classes in college. He has always been fascinated not only by the music but what MAKES the music come together and the science behind creating beautiful music. During his High School years Jony began producing music from a music production teacher where he learned to make beats and compose original songs. He now has 25 original songs on ALL streaming platforms and some music videos on Youtube. The music genres he creates are: Reggaeton, Pop, Acoustic, Hip Hop and more.

    Jony believes in order to be successful in anything, whether it’s learning or achieving, you have to be inspired. Learning anything can be boring if you are just learning to learn. You have to have a vision for yourself. Whether it’s to entertain people by showing them what you can do or being able to play a song because you truly like it. Jony will teach you technique, performance and theory but will also encourage his students to play what they enjoy. After all, musicians don’t just play to play. They play because they enjoy it. Jony wants to inspire his students, learn and connect with his students because every student is different but most importantly support and encourage his students so that they know they can be confident in their music journey.

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