Teacher Profile: Jennifer Jeon

Jennifer Jeon

Jennifer Jeon

Instrument(s): Piano, Violin

City: Seattle

Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University- Bachelor in Music

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    About Jennifer Jeon

    Born and raised in Washington, Jennifer began her musical studies at the age of four. She first studied piano intensely from ages four through eight competing in competitions, festivals, and master classes. At the age of nine, she continued her piano practices while learning the violin with Jan Coleman until the seventh grade, and continued on with Simon James all throughout high school. During the summer of 2014 and 2015, Jennifer studied with Gerado Ribeiro, violin professor from Northwestern University, at the Meadowmount School of Music. She would then spend the next four years playing piano while studying with Professor Keng-Yuen Tseng at the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.

    Jennifer began teaching from the summer of 2016 within her local community. She quickly grew very fond of teaching and has continued to teach her students from Washington during her summer breaks throughout college to this very day. On the side, Jennifer continued to perform chamber music, solo repertoire, and orchestra concerts in senior living centers, concert halls such as Benaroya, and several gig locations in Baltimore.

    Jennifer has been fortunate to receive masterclasses from Brian Lewis, Paul Kantor, Amy Schwartz Moretti, Nicholas Mann, and Mimi Zweig. Having the privilege to work with many different musicians and professors has helped shape and inspire Jennifer into the teacher she is today. Additionally, her students have also taught her valuable input that continues to motivate Jennifer to become a better teacher and musician. Along with the violin and piano, Jennifer enjoys painting, making earrings, cooking, studying languages (Korean, French, and Italian), writing, reading, watching movies, and rocking out to Patti Smith. She very much enjoyed her time taking oil painting with Professor Gruber at Johns Hopkins. Jennifer is also fluent in Korean.

    Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University- Bachelor in Music

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