Teacher Profile: Jazmin Bangura

Jazmin Bangura

Jazmin Bangura

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Washington, DC

Education: Baltimore School for the Arts; Morgan State University

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    About Jazmin Bangura

    Jazmin Bangura, AKA "Ms. Jazz" is a multifaceted creative specializing in sound. Discovering her love for music at the age of 9, Wifty was able to learn the basics by going to concerts with her father who is a reggae singer. She’s a versatile veteran with 6 years of training as a classical vocalist from Baltimore School for the Arts and Morgan State University. She also has 13 years of performance experience.

    Ms. Jazz’s Sierra Leonean roots have a big influence on her music style and way of teaching as she grew up listening to West African reggae. She’s also influenced by Boombap, Jazz, Romantic Classical music, Psychedelic Funk, and Lo-Fi. Along with being a professional musician, Ms. Jazz has dedicated much of her life to teaching voice, piano and music theory. A mission that is very important to her is supporting the development of young Black artists through her work.

    With students, Jazmin's primary goal is to instill a love and appreciation of the music all around us. For voice students, she pays close attention to technical development and building skill sets appropriate for the genre of interest -- whether it be musical theater, pop, jazz, or classical. The Faber method is a favorite of Jazmin's for piano students, and though she teaches all ages, she is passionate about working with young beginners. In piano lessons, she places a lot of importance on strong fundamentals in rhythm and note-reading from the start, but also believes that exercises in creativity leads to greater connection to the instrument.

    “My goal as a creative is to help people feel like it’s okay to be uncomfortable in their growth because it’s normal. And I’m growing along with everyone else. My music isn’t just a reflection of me. It is me and I am it. The center.”

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