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    About Jay Cordero

    Jay Cordero has been a musician since his second year of middle school and would have started earlier if given the opportunity. Jay has always had a love and passion for music, and he began his journey on Saxophone. Later, he developed an appreciation for piano and drums in the beginning of his high school years. Jay made various professional developments on the drums with high school peers and began exposing himself to the gigging musician's life. When the pandemic swept the nation, he took this opportunity with so much free time at home to sharpen his piano skills and also learn the guitar and bass guitar. Returning to normal life in his final year of high school, he was utilized for his versatility and played a different instrument for each song (and sometimes two on a given tune!) due to the lack of players after the pandemic. It was during this year that Jay found his beloved instrument of choice that he knew he wanted to carry for the rest of his life, the Euphonium. However, he first began on trombone playing jazz and decided to later switch to euphonium to achieve a sweeter, classical tone for Wind Ensemble and due to the similarities of the instruments, the switch was seamless. Jay is now a Music Education student at Florida International University and spends time volunteering at his old high school and teaching.

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