Teacher Profile: Isabelle Arriaga

Isabelle Arriaga

Isabelle Arriaga

Instrument(s): Voice

City: Dallas

Education: Music Professional

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    About Isabelle Arriaga

    Born and raised in Dallas, TX, Isabelle's journey in the music industry is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. As a young woman navigating the industry, Isabelle was determined to master every aspect of her craft. Embracing unconventional methods of learning, she dedicated countless hours to research, transforming her passion into a full-time career.

    Not content with merely honing her skills, Isabelle took her dedication a step further by building her own studio from scratch, which she later made portable. This remarkable achievement reflects her resourcefulness and commitment to her art. Her talent for utilizing her voice as a gift became evident as she graced renowned venues like the House of Blues and TX Live.

    Isabelle's mission extends beyond her personal success. She aspires to create a safe haven where people from all walks of life can express themselves through the magic of music. Her inclusive approach embraces diversity and provides a platform for individuals to share their stories through song. Additionally, she passionately guides aspiring musicians on the path to success, offering invaluable knowledge on placing their original compositions in television and film, navigating music publishing, and developing their songwriting and recording skills independently.

    Through her experiences in the industry, Isabelle discovered a profound purpose alongside her husband. Together, they established Oh I Like That LLC, a music library and production company. This venture allows them to showcase the limitless possibilities and miracles that unfold when people collaborate, support one another, and utilize their voices for good.

    Isabelle's passion for teaching extends beyond music. She is also a dedicated swim instructor and yoga practitioner, cherishing the opportunity to empower others through education and physical well-being.

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