Teacher Profile: Isaac Schiller

Isaac Schiller

Isaac Schiller

Instrument(s): Composition, Piano

City: Washington, DC

Education: Saint Joseph's University

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    About Isaac Schiller

    Isaac Schiller is a Piano and Composition teacher based in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area. Originally from southern Maryland, Isaac Schiller is a seasoned pianist, composer, singer/songwriter and music producer.

    Isaac started his Piano study at age 6 and was writing original music in various genres by the age of 13. After graduating from Saint Joseph's University with a Bachelor's in Music, he served as an accompanist for Holy Church Parish in Garrett Park and soon developed a program for teaching piano to the youths of the community. He continued giving piano lessons throughout his time in law school, and since graduating with a Juris Doctor, he has turned his focus back to his musical passions. Over the years, he has performed in countless recitals and Catholic mass services, and has been known to incorporate his own original compositions and arrangements into these performances.

    Isaac has taught piano to students ages 6 to 13 and enjoys guiding them towards their full musical potential. Musical talent comes in many different forms; where one student might have a knack for reading music, another may excel at playing by ear. Isaac's teaching style revolves around discovering where your musical talents lie and making the best of your abilities. In addition to teaching piano, his lessons give you a working knowledge of music theory and exposure to various music genres; you will not only become a pianist with Isaac, but also a well-rounded musician.

    In addition to music, Isaac has a passion for cinema, art and literature. He is currently working on writing his first novel and enjoys undertaking new creative projects. He loves all pets as well, so feel free to let Fido out of his cage during lessons!

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