Teacher Profile: Ian Dankner

Ian Dankner

Ian Dankner

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Washington, DC

Education: Muhlenberg College

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    About Ian Dankner

    Ian Dankner is a Maryland-based Pianist and Music Educator. He works with students of all ages, levels, and styles, including both Classical and Jazz. As a life-long musician, Ian pulls from a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide an enriching experience for his students.

    When you start playing an instrument from an early age, it becomes a part of you, connected to your childhood, and can help shape the person you become as you get older. As a student of the instrument since the age of six, Ian can definitely relate to that experience. It is an important insight he carries with him as a teacher, because he hasn't forgotten what it was like as a student. This allows him to relate and connect better with his students.

    Ian continued taking lessons all the way through high school, college, and beyond. While in high school, he happened to stumble upon some Jazz being played on the radio one night. He was instantly hooked, and has been ever since. The discovery of Jazz evolved into a life long pursuit/passion, and propelled him to study this genre in depth while attending Muhlenberg College. During his tenure at the school, he would study Music Theory, while playing in the school's Jazz Improvisation Ensemble, led by the late, great, former Jazz Messengers bassist, Charles Fambrough. The experiences he gained from those years were immeasurable, and is something he will carry with him throughout his life.

    After graduating college in 2006, Ian was hired to teach piano at a small, family run music school in Laurel, Maryland. It was there that his teaching career would begin, and where he began to formulate and nurture an approach that has allowed countless students to not only learn the instrument, but become independent players as well. It is still a concerted effort that he continues to this day.

    Ian feels that one of the greatest joys of passing on the gift of music, is having the opportunity to see students evolve and develop their playing from one week to the next. Getting to see that development -- over time and in real time -- is always a pleasure to witness and something he will always feel honored and humbled to be a part of. He can't wait to start that journey with you!!

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