Teacher Profile: Hector Deleon

Hector Deleon

Hector Deleon

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Saxophone

City: Dallas

Education: Del Mar College

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    About Hector Deleon

    Hector Deleon is a seasoned performer and accomplished music educator. Hector earned his associate's degree in music education from Del Mar College and currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in jazz studies at the University of North Texas, has been sharing his musical passion since 2018.

    Hector brings a pragmatic and diverse approach to his lessons, extending his expertise beyond the guitar to encompass piano and saxophone instruction. Students can expect a practical and enriching musical education that goes beyond clichés, exploring the intricacies of advanced guitar playing and embracing the unique opportunities presented by piano and saxophone.

    Hector's teaching philosophy is rooted in a blend of technical proficiency and creative exploration. Whether you're a beginner or seeking to refine your skills, Hector is dedicated to delivering an authentic and transformative learning experience across multiple instruments. Throughout each session, he seamlessly infuses an element of enjoyment, ensuring that the musical journey is not only educational but also an engaging and enjoyable experience for every student.

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