Teacher Profile: Heather Dickson

Heather Dickson

Heather Dickson

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Theory, Piano, Ukulele, Voice

City: Seattle

Education: University of Washington; University of Utah

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    About Heather Dickson

    Heather Dickson is an active multi-instrumentalist/singer who has spent her life writing, recording, and touring for her own bands and others. She believes there is something to appreciate in all styles of music and works for several cover bands in the Seattle area, so she's well versed in music theory and performance technique, and how these concepts can help one become an ever-improving musician. Heather grew up in a musical household, learning piano, guitar, and voice early. She spent a lot of her formative years creating music and harmonizing with her sisters, and loves the power of collaboration. Her current projects include the Seattle indie band, Tiger Rider, and the Seattle indie-electronic group, Slender Dan.

    Heather ultimately studied Piano Performance at the University of Utah and has taught professionally for 10 years. She teaches piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, and voice. She also offers lessons in music theory, composition, and performance anxiety for any instrument.

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