Teacher Profile: Grant Gaidies

Grant Gaidies

Grant Gaidies

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Denver

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    About Grant Gaidies

    Grant is a piano teacher who has been taking private lessons since he was 5 years old. Grant had a very eclectic taste growing up and always gravitated towards non traditional styles of playing including jazz and hip hop. He believes that music is a vast and special experience and he wants to work on whatever subject his students are passionate about. Grant wants to allow freedom for students to explore their individual passions while still teaching them the basics of theory and technique.

    Grant has explored many other passions throughout his professional life including a passion for basketball during high school. Later, he went to Red Rocks Community College where he focused on nutritional science. It was there that Grant actually rediscovered his passion for piano through a music appreciation course. From there, he decided to invest all of his time and energy into the piano.

    Now, Grant very much enjoys sharing his musical passions with the next generation. He loves connecting with his students and making sure each lesson is both fun and educational, focusing on what each individual student enjoys about music. Grant is still also a very active performing musician and is currently the official organist for the Colorado Avalanche so wave hello to Grant at the next game!

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