Teacher Profile: Glen Fleischman

Glen Fleischman

Glen Fleischman

Instrument(s): Guitar, Bass Guitar

City: Dallas

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    About Glen Fleischman

    Glen has been loving and playing guitar for over 15 years, playing a variety of styles including jazz, blues, soul, funk, rock and country. Born and raised in Dallas he's a regular participant in the local music scene and frequents the blues jams around DFW. Over the years he's played private parties and venues around town like The House of Blues, Sundown at Granada, The Alligator Cafe as well as many others up and down the popular strip on lower Greenville avenue. He grew up playing guitar and taking private lessons learning basic fundamentals such as theory and technique. After high school he studied jazz and music theory from a graduate from UNT. From there he took music courses at Richland Community College ranging from music theory to jazz improvisation. He's acquired a lot of great guidance and experience over the years and is very passionate about music.

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