Teacher Profile: Ethan Rosario

Ethan Rosario

Ethan Rosario

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Seattle

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    About Ethan Rosario

    Ethan was exposed to music at a very young age. Coming from a family of musicians, he always felt the need to pick up an instrument and play for those around him. He was then given this chance at nine years old and never turned back. He began to take lessons at nine years old for guitar through one of his family members. After a year of lessons, Ethan began to teach himself the deeper understandings of guitar, until he felt he was ready to take the next step.

    Ethan joined his first band at 11 years old. He played rhythm guitar at first, learning from the older band members and taking their criticisms to improve his own playing. His hard work eventually paid off when he was given the role of lead guitarist. He continued as lead guitarist for a few more years, with additional responsibilities such as supplying the arrangements for live songs, as well as teaching new and existing band members said arrangements. It’s here where Ethan began to grow a love for teaching.

    After his band years, Ethan continued to improve his playing with ongoing lessons as well as continuing his new found passion to teaching music. He currently attends Seattle University where he plans to obtain a degree in electrical engineering, as well as strengthen his knowledge understanding of music studies and guitar.

    Ethan has experience teaching with any age range. He has extensive knowledge in multiple styles of guitar playing, with his favorite being Blues and Fingerstyle. Ethan loves to talk about music or hobbies his students enjoy and is always looking to bring a sense of improvement and enjoyment to every one of his lessons.

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