Teacher Profile: Eric Weidman

Eric Weidman

Eric Weidman

Instrument(s): Drums, Piano

City: Denver

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    About Eric Weidman

    Eric Weidman is a drummer and pianist who has over 13 years of experience performing rock, pop, R&B, and funk. He has played with many bands for Denver, Castle Rock and Nashville events.

    Eric has a bachelor's in music and audio engineering, with a minor in music business at the University of Colorado Denver. For over 6 years, he has found a passion for teaching drums and piano and his success can be measured through his students. As a teacher, his mission isn’t only to help students develop musical excellence and diverse skills, but it’s also to help them emotionally connect to music and become lifelong music lovers.

    Eric aims to inspire positive learning and help students think critically and creatively as they develop the skills and appreciation they need to achieve this goal.

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