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    About Ember Bryce

    Ember Bryce firmly believes that music is medicine and the deep connection that comes with the feeling and expression of music can assist in learning of other subjects, confidence, creativity, healing; and understanding our own and others’ emotions, and the world around us. She has dedicated her life to assisting others and herself in artistic discovery.

    She received her Bachelor’s Degree of Recording Arts and Audio Production from the University of Colorado Denver. There, she had the eminent opportunity to study various subjects such as Jazz Piano Performance with Sir Pete Ellingson, Drum-kit Jazz & Funk with Senior Instructor Todd Reid, Afro-Cuban Percussion Ensemble with Professor Thomas VanShoick, Jazz Theory with Prof. Drew Morell, and Ear Training with Prof. Jeffrey Merkel.

    Upon graduating, she fulfilled a dream of hers by having the adventurous chance to live and teach music in another country. In a city outside of Antigua, Guatemala, Ember represented the Academy’s Music Teacher and Choir & Band Director. With great passion, she taught piano, guitar, drums, flute, recorder, voice, theory and rhythm to her students ages 3-14. The upper classmen performed at all the major events and holidays. The success of her students and smiles on their faces when they are learning and achieving something, is the most rewarding part of teaching.

    For 10 years, Ember has taught privately, in groups, at Summer camps, and at various types of schools including Public, Private, Charter, and Montessori. Ember believes in holding space for, and encouraging questions, curiosity and play. She wants her students to emanate excitement around the study and practice. She wants them to see how fun learning can be, especially a subject as awesome as music.

    She does not have a favorite instrument to play or teach because they are all fun in their own way. She loves teaching piano, Ukulele, Voice, Drum-kit, Percussion, and Guitar. She loves being able to play many different instruments because she believes they strengthen the depth of her understanding of music. At the moment, Ember is also teaching herself mandolin, and electric bass. She will never stop learning because then in her eyes, she will never stop growing.

    She is grateful for the opportunity to assist in your discovery!

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