Teacher Profile: Elizabeth Everett

Elizabeth Everett

Elizabeth Everett

Instrument(s): Composition, Piano

City: Seattle

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    About Elizabeth Everett

    Elizabeth started playing piano at age 7. Growing-up, music was a big part of her family and culture. Her oldest brother is a talented pianist and inspired her to take piano as well. Her family would gather around the piano and sing while they played accompaniment. Music was always at the heart of all of their family parties and gatherings, especially piano music. It was both a source of entertainment, fun and community. Not only did she take piano lessons, but her siblings and neighborhood friends did as well. She believes that music is a Universal language with the ability to unite people of all ethnicities. It’s also a very powerful form of therapy and healing. Music education teaches you valuable life skills, such as listening, cooperation, and helps children do better in all school subjects. She is very excited to be teaching at LIYH and can't wait to share her musical knowledge with others.

    Elizabeth began taking classical piano lessons at the age of 7. At age 10, she began playing violin in the school orchestra which she continued for 8yrs. In addition to playing piano and violin, Elizabeth loves singing, dancing and song-writing. After high school she went to the University of WA where she graduated with a BA in English literature. After college she took time off from work and school to raise a family. Throughout these life events, her love and passion for music, dance and song-writing persisted. She loves being in stage, performing her original songs. She has taught both dance and group keyboarding class in the past.

    Elizabeth wants to make music education fun for all. Everyone has their own unique learning style and musical preferences and she wants to cater to her students so they will enjoy each class and be lifetime musicians. Aside from teaching the basics of ear training, rhythm, technical and sight-reading her goal is to bring out her students creative gifts.

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