Teacher Profile: Elisabeth Harvey

Elisabeth Harvey

Elisabeth Harvey

Instrument(s): Flute, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone

City: Orlando

Education: Florida Southern College

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    About Elisabeth Harvey

    Elisabeth Harvey is a dedicated music teacher, instrumentalist, and all-around lover of music born and raised in Central Florida. From the time she was born, her family’s house was always filled with her older siblings singing Disney songs, show tunes, and hymns. Elisabeth still enjoys singing with her family, but she truly discovered her passion for music when she started playing flute at the age of nine. Elisabeth also taught herself how to play piano during her elementary years, a pursuit that began with the desire to play an advanced arrangement of “Music of the Night” from The Phantom of the Opera. Elisabeth was involved in six different bands throughout middle and high school, including jazz band, where she learned to play alto and tenor saxophone. She participated in seven Solo & Ensembles, several concert and marching band MPAs, and multiple summer music camps. She was also given the opportunity to rehearse and conduct the middle school concert band at the annual Spring Concert her senior year.

    Inspired by her high school band director, Elisabeth pursued a degree in Music Education at Florida Southern College and went on to teach at Sunrise Elementary in Kissimmee. In addition to her formal field studies and internships in local elementary, middle, and high schools, Elisabeth taught private lessons throughout her college career. She has taught flute, piano, alto/tenor saxophone, clarinet, guitar, music theory, and conducting. She also plays piccolo, alto flute, ukulele, pennywhistle, violin, the traditional Chinese pipa, and any other instrument she can get her hands on. Not only does Elisabeth enjoy giving formally scheduled lessons, but also the impromptu ones that occur around her 14 nieces and nephews.

    While in college, Elisabeth studied with Colleen Blagov, the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra’s principal flutist. Involved in the Symphony Band, Jazz Band, Flute Choir, and the Delta Omicron professional music fraternity, Elisabeth performed in multiple concerts and various gigs all over Central Florida, including performances at Gaylord Palms and the annual Florida Flute Association Convention. She also enjoys arranging and composing music and lends her talents to gigs and recordings with her brother and husband.

    Elisabeth’s teaching philosophy centers around not just telling students what to do but doing it alongside them. She firmly believes that meaningful relationships, fun, and modeling are key to impactful learning. Additionally, she encourages her students to sing and learn solfege to enhance and round out their musical learning. Overall, her desire is to help students discover their passion for music in a fun and exciting way.

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