Teacher Profile: Dylan Howard

Dylan Howard

Dylan Howard

Instrument(s): Drums

City: Seattle

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    About Dylan Howard

    While bringing the fun and motivation, Dylan has a strong passion for music and rhythm! Dylan has been exploring his way around the drums, piano and guitar since the age of 9 when his dad surprised him with his first drum set due to Dylan's natural knack for tapping on things around the house while his dad played guitar or music. He immediately fell in love with the complexity of the instrument and wanted to demystify it. That quest has turned into a lifelong journey for Dylan to share and express himself through rhythm and sound and with deep emotion as if understanding how to speak through the instrument.

    Dylan found so much joy and challenge in turning the Rock radio station on and proceeding to figure out how to play along to the songs! With his dad guiding him along and leading him to occasional online resources, Dylan began to quickly learn how to play those same songs on the radio that once seemed impossible. It wasn't long into Dylan's music career that he realized he could use the vast internet to every bit of potential to teach himself how to play and sight-read music as well, which then led to lesson book after lesson book, and studying materials from artists like Benny Greb, Neil Peart, Ringo Starr, Matt Garstka, Jay Postones, and countless others.

    Feeling like there was more to explore with rhythm, Dylan joined the Ellensburg High School marching and concert bands, attaining a first chair seat in his second season with the band. Through that experience, Dylan learned how to play and read music for percussion instruments like the xylophone, tympani, etc. Since graduating high school, Dylan has consistently played with local musicians in Central WA and in 2022, after moving to Western WA, he joined "The Fulton Incarnate" an actively recording and gigging progressive rock band from Tacoma, WA. Dylan has had experience teaching beginner to intermediate level students how to play the drums over the course of his life and always with an amazing attitude.

    Dylan believes that above all, lessons should be fun and full of positive energy, and he does everything possible to make his students comfortable and confident. He enjoys taking a language style approach when it comes to learning the music and he wants to foster a learning program that allows his students to achieve an ability to speak freely through their instrument as if talking in a normal conversation. Dylan looks forward to working with curious minds interested in learning the language of music!

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