Teacher Profile: Doryann Mueller

Doryann Mueller

Doryann Mueller

Instrument(s): Flute, Piano

City: Dallas

Education: Music Professional

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    About Doryann Mueller

    Doryann Mueller is a flutist and pianist who loves sharing her passion for music with others. She loves inspiring others to have fun while also working hard for something they love doing. She understands it takes patience and flexibility to create something wonderful.

    She was raised in San Antonio and started taking piano lessons at the age of 6. She wanted to start expanding her musicality and at the age of 11 started playing the flute. Throughout grade school she continued playing piano in the jazz band at her school. From 2017-2022 she was a part of the San Antonio Youth Wind Ensemble playing principal flute from 2019 to 2022. In 2020 she made the TMEA ALL-STATE band on flute and is very familiar with the process. In the summer of 2022 she had the opportunity to perform in the Musikverein in Vienna, Austria with the "Honors Performance Series".

    Teaching and sharing music with others is a strong passion of hers. She firmly believes that music whether you are the performer or the listener makes the world a happier place. She believes it's an important skill for everyone to have and to have fun with. Music helps people connect with others from anywhere in the world and you gain so many new skills just by learning one instrument. Doryann has experience teaching private lessons to friends and family helping others with solo and ensemble works and TMEA auditions. She is looking to start teaching more professionally and share her own experiences with music to the world.

    Doryann is currently studying for BA in music at the University of North Texas in Denton under Terri Sundbergs Studio. Along with her passion for music she also has a passion for painting and diy projects. She is excited to learn and grow alongside her students.

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