Teacher Profile: Dmytro Gnativ

Dmytro Gnativ

Dmytro Gnativ

Instrument(s): Flute, Piano

City: Miami/South Florida

Education: University of Miami, Frost School of Music

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    About Dmytro Gnativ

    Dr. Dmytro Gnativ is a highly accomplished musician and educator with a deep passion for music. His musical journey began at a young age when he enrolled in the local conservatory in Sambir, Ukraine, to study flute and piano. He later pursued a bachelor's degree at the Lviv National Music Academy, specializing in flute, piano, and conducting from 2011 to 2015.

    In 2017, Dr. Gnativ seized the opportunity to further his education by pursuing a master's degree at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, under the esteemed mentorship of Dr. Jennifer Grim. Following this, he was awarded a prestigious fellowship at the University of Miami, Frost School of Music, where he recently completed his Doctor of Musical Arts degree in May 2023.

    Recognized for his exceptional musical expression and versatility, Dr. Gnativ is dedicated to promoting Ukrainian and lesser-known classical works to a global audience. His captivating solo recitals featuring compositions by Ukrainian composers have been showcased at renowned events such as the Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention, Florida Flute Convention, San Diego Flute Festival, and Lithuania's X International Čiurlionis Music Festival. Collaborating with pianist Paulius Anderson, he has enthralled audiences with his performances. In addition, Dr. Gnativ has delivered enlightening lecture-recitals at the University of Miami and has contributed articles on Ukrainian flute music to esteemed publications such as The Flutist Quarterly and the Florida Flute Association Newsletter.

    Dr. Gnativ's research endeavors have led to a remarkable discovery in his most recent paper titled "An Anthology of Flute Music by Ukrainian Composers, 1850 - 2022," in which he has uncovered over four hundred previously unknown works. Eager to share these unique and captivating compositions with the world, he awaits the opportunity to introduce them to a broader audience.

    Alongside his solo career, Dr. Gnativ actively performs with esteemed ensembles such as Opera Naples, the Strauss Symphony of America, and the Florida Grand Opera. He has also participated in numerous charitable concerts and has been recognized with awards, including the Grand Award Winner of the Best Classical Musicians Awards, First Prize at the Sunrise Pops Competition in Miami, and the Winner of the Concerto Competition at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

    While pursuing his own musical endeavors, Dr. Gnativ maintains a thriving studio where he imparts his knowledge and expertise to aspiring musicians. Offering flute and piano lessons in South Florida, he nurtures the talents of his students with dedication and passion.

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