Teacher Profile: Diego Nava

Diego Nava

Diego Nava

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Washington, DC

Education: Montgomery College; University of Maryland; Towson University

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    About Diego Nava

    Diego Nava is a pianist, composer, music teacher and performer. He has performed in many different settings such as jazz ensembles, jazz quartets, jazz trios and piano solo gigs. Diego has also performed at wedding gigs, theater plays and currently performs at the St Augustine's Episcopal Church as the pianist and Music Director.

    As an educator , Diego supported the Washington Latin Charter School as a long-term substitute for the entire music program, during the Fall of 2019. In the Washington School program he directed three choirs, a jazz ensemble class as well as taught a music theory class. Diego also aided the Blues Alley Jazz Camp as an instructor with the task of enhancing ensemble performances. Currently, Diego teaches students from ages of four years old all the way up to 45 years of age and has been doing so for over six years!

    Diego enjoys composing orchestral music with his favorite composers including; John Williams, who composed the scores for movies Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Harry Potter. Other composers include Joe Hasaishi and Jeremy Soule. Jazz is one of Diego’s favorite music genres to perform on piano but in his free time he also likes to check out classical piano scores written by Franz Liszt and Chopin.

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