Teacher Profile: Deitrich Jones

Deitrich Jones

Deitrich Jones

Instrument(s): Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Saxophone

City: Seattle

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    About Deitrich Jones

    Deitrich is a professional saxophonist, pianist and educator who immersed himself in the Atlanta music scene and played with world class musicians. While there, he attended Georgia state university for a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz studies, learning from amazing musicians such as: Mace Hibbard, Kevin Bales, and David Sanchez.Took Piano I-IV as well as a Jazz Piano course taught by elite pianist. He worked his way up to lead alto in the GSU Jazz band(doubling flute and clarinet),getting to perform with amazing Jazz artists like: Renee Marie, Ettiene Charles, and Randy Brecker. Upon graduation, had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the south performing with various bands at major venues. Another notable mention is while in Atlanta, Deitrich had the opportunity to Perform with Lil John Roberts (professional drummer who’s played with people such as Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, etc.) in a James brown tribute band with two of the original members of James brown’ band.

    Deitrich’s love for music began at an early age. He was inspired to start the saxophone in the 5th grade, due to a guest preacher at the church he attended that played between her messages. He was captivated by the sound of the instrument he had just seen for the first time, and began playing shortly after. Though never taking lessons until college, The love for music Deitrich had turned into a passion. It was then that he decided to dedicate himself, not only as a performer but to teach and educate the materials he’s learned along the way to help creatively cultivate young minds and help them gather the tools it took him so long to find. That beyond the technique and the theoretical framework, is the joy of music.

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