Teacher Profile: Dean Snyder

Dean Snyder

Dean Snyder

Instrument(s): Banjo, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele

City: Denver

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    About Dean Snyder

    Inspired by alternative and punk music of the earlly 90s, Dean Snyder began playing guitar at age 14. His interest in, and passion for music has continued for nearly 30 years. Throughout these years, Dean has become a fan and student of music in general and has an extensive knowledge of guitar theory and technique in genres from rock & roll to blues and jazz.

    A Denver native, Dean has extensive experience teaching children from preschool through high school in Colorado's North Valley area. Dean has taught individuals in several capacities including traditional classroom education, the development and implementation of curriculum for students with intellectual/developmental disabilities, and job coaching/life skills instruction of adults with disabilities. An enthusiast of all forms of art, Dean divides his time between musical instruction, recording as a studio musician, drawing, painting, and other forms of visual art.

    Dean's approach to teaching is rooted in getting to know a student on a personal level and focusing on their particular goals and musical interests. Dean believes that learning a musical instrument should primarily be fun and focused on celebrating achievements along the way of pursuing a student's goals. Dean sees learning to play an instrument as an opportunity for limitless growth and creativity. Dean is excited to be able to see students achieve their musical goals as well as sharing his musical knowledge and "yes we can" approach through Lessons In Your Home.

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