Teacher Profile: Claire Millikin

Claire Millikin

Claire Millikin

Instrument(s): Voice

City: Dallas

Education: Music Professional

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    About Claire Millikin

    Claire is a singer, songwriter, and avid voice instructor in the Dallas area who grew up in Carrollton, TX. Music is important to her because it helps her feel like transcending into another world. To her it explains what words can’t, and it is like medicine to that can put anyone in a good mood.

    Claire currently is working with a band called Monsters and she challenges herself to be the best she can be as a performer. Her vocal coaches have helped her with a variety of techniques for the voice that she's eager to pass down to her students.

    Claire is versatile in many musical styles ranging from classical, pop, and rock, is inspired by many musicians and bands to help push her into a more daring direction as a musician: Billie Eilish, Melanie Martinez, Ella Fitzgerald, David Bowie, Queen, The Beatles, The Weekend, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osborne, and many more.

    She also finds inspiration in nature, people, paintings, and books.

    Claire loves teaching others that the possibilities are endless on wanting to become a musician. She is trained in many vocal techniques. Teaching is important to her because she wants to help other people to know that no matter what age or background you come from, you can be the musician that you aspire to be. As she teaches her students and they learn new techniques from her, she also learns from them what she can do different to make herself a better musician. "As we teach, we learn.”

    Claire’s hobbies outside of music include, reading, drawing, meditation, video games (when she has the time), playing with her two dogs Milo and Teddy, and sitting in nature.

    Claire can’t wait to teach you or your child how fun taking vocal lessons from her can be!

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