Teacher Profile: Christopher Bobbitt

Christopher Bobbitt

Christopher Bobbitt

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar

City: Seattle

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    About Christopher Bobbitt

    Cj believes that music is freedom. Art forms like music have rules to help people create beauty, but Cj believes each student must be taught according to their needs, not according to where they "should" be in their musical journey. Because of this, he specializes in the fundamentals of guitar and bass playing, and is passionate about teaching those fundamentals in a fun and novel way so that each student can fall in love with their instrument.

    Cj recently moved to Seattle after spending years playing music in the Denver Colorado scene with at least 4 different groups. He specializes in bass guitar, but also has performative experience with 6 string guitars. Cj Studied Physics at Metropolitan State University, but furthered his knowledge and passion of music while attending college. He has been playing, writing, and recording music since he was 8 years old. Cj started his musical career with a multi-genre school band named All Of The Above, who successfully recorded a track with Colorado Sound. Soon After, Cj and other members from AOTA started Twenty Year, a Pop-Punk project that lasted 6 years and produced 3 studio albums. Ever since the band went on hiatus in 2017, Cj has been a freelance musician helping friends with their own albums while growing his own musical repertoire.

    He is passionate about sharing his self-taught strategies accompanied by traditional techniques to help students learn at whatever speed is right for them. He is patient, understanding, and thrives with students that have learning disabilities. No student is too hard to teach.

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