Teacher Profile: Chandler Rasmussen

Chandler Rasmussen

Chandler Rasmussen

Instrument(s): Voice

City: Atlanta

Education: Anderson University

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    About Chandler Rasmussen

    Chandler Rasmussen, originally from Lafayette, Indiana, is a lifelong musician living in the Atlanta area. She’s currently a performer, vocal coach, and educator. Chandler received her Bachelor’s of Music in Music Theatre from Anderson University in 2022. She has been a student of music her whole life, including piano, voice, and flute, and has extensive experience in music education.

    Chandler began her music career as a pianist at the age of 3. Her passion and knowledge of music continued to grow as she began her journey with singing and performance. She enjoyed participating in bands, choirs, and other performances such as musicals, recitals, and concerts. Chandler is a lyric soprano with specialties in many areas and voice parts including but not exclusive to: classical music, belt, country, pop, jazz, and showtunes. She initially gravitated her collegiate studies toward biology at Butler University, but her love for music was too intense to choose not to pursue. She transferred to Anderson University and received her Bachelor’s of Music in three years. Chandler values drive, passion, and variety in her lessons and strives to expand her students’ comfort zone to make them a more rounded musician and individual.

    Chandler has studied voice under several renowned instructors in pursuit of nurturing her voice’s individuality, which she strives to carry on to her own students. She is also well-versed in the Alexander Technique, method acting, and Meisner Technique, which she uses in her lessons to help students become aware of their own bodies, emotions, and space around them to give each student and performance their own unique taste and help students become more introspective and independent musicians so that they may continue growth outside of guided lessons.

    Chandler’s biggest reward in coaching is being able to share her passions with others, seeing students begin to believe in themselves and the opportunities before them, and connecting with students in a unique way to provide a support system through music that can help them to grow into artistic and driven human beings.

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