Teacher Profile: Carleen Jeffers

Carleen Jeffers

Carleen Jeffers

Instrument(s): Bass, Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Ukulele

City: Denver

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    About Carleen Jeffers

    Carleen Jeffers is a freelance multi-instrumentalist based in Denver, Colorado. They grew up taking classical lessons on both piano and upright bass and has not stopped playing and performing ever since! Carleen later attended the prestigious Manhattan School of Music's precollege program, and later graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brown University with a degree in Computational Biology. Throughout their time at Brown, they played upright bass in the Brown University Symphony Orchestra and was an active participant in the theater community as a member of multiple pit orchestras.

    Currently, Carleen is a full time gigging musician on drums, upright bass and bass guitar while also privately continuing to play and practice piano. They play (and teach!) a wide variety of music genres including funk, rock, jazz and more!

    Carleen is a dedicated, passionate and engaging teacher and works with students of all ages and backgrounds. They offer lessons on piano, drums, guitar, ukulele, upright bass, and bass guitar.

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