Teacher Profile: Cameron McKeehan

Cameron McKeehan

Cameron McKeehan

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Piano

City: Washington, DC

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    About Cameron McKeehan

    Cameron (Cam) McKeehan is a multi-instrumental Music Instructor based in the greater D.C. Metro Area. He teaches Guitar, Bass, Drum, and Piano to students of all ages and has a passion for helping his students find their own, unique musical path.

    Cam’s interest in music was fostered by his parents from a young age. His dad had taken music theory classes in college, and later played bass in local bands. Cam was introduced to piano lessons very early on too. By the time he was in 1st grade, he and his mom had formed a ritual of shopping for new CDs at Tower Records to listen to in the car, when running errands. He remembers having a lot of fun being asked “what instruments do you hear playing right now”, and things like “do you notice how the guitar stops playing for dramatic effect during that part of the song?”

    Cam gained a great deal from music classes in school. He took a music theory courses the first day he could sign up for them, and played snare drum in the marching band. Like many teenage musicians, he began to find some of the classical music selections covered in school a bit stuffy, and would gravitate increasingly toward the contemporary music he and his friends listened to at home. He wouldn’t develop a strong interest in classical music until years later (his latest fascination is Beethoven’s Waldstein) after diving deep into just about every other genre of music he could find.

    In 2003 Cam’s focus settled on electric guitar. He remembers the precise moment he played his guitar through a distortion pedal for the first time, and his eyes opened wide autonomously, as the gears started turning in his mind. He started a band within 6 months of picking up his instrument, and spent the better part of the following 20 years immersed in the DIY music world. He picked up years of knowledge collaborating with music friends he made, comparing notes with others on anything from music history, to composition, to audio engineering and practical guitar tricks.

    Though he played guitar in his first few bands, there were times a drum kit was sitting next him idly during band practice, and he began to eye the drums with curiosity. Cam began to study drumming just as much as he did guitar by 2005. From then on he would opt to play drums in new bands he was joining, more than he opted to play guitar. He had completely fallen in love with the relative ease of improvising on drums.

    Today, when teaching, Cam wants to communicate the utter joy which having a creative practice has brought to his life. Music has benefitted him in countless ways, forming the basis for a lot of deep, lifelong friendships, making fascinating subject matter for conversations with new people, and nurturing confidence in problem-solving, to name a few. He hopes to give his students the same, wider perspective he's gained through music and seeing how the skills learned there can relate to everything from academics to relationships and other art forms.

    Outside of music he likes to exercise, study painting techniques, read fiction novels and ride motorcycles.

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