Teacher Profile: Bryan Finkelstein

Bryan Finkelstein

Bryan Finkelstein

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Miami/South Florida

Education: AA in Arts/music from Miami Dade CC.

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    About Bryan Finkelstein

    Bryan Finkelstein is a guitar player with over 20 years of on stage experience. Currently, he plays in a Blues band, and in one of South Florida's largest Christian ministry's. Mr. Finkelstein began playing guitar under the private tutelage of South Florida Jazz guitar great Jeff Caldwell, after achieving a solid foundation in the guitar, he later studied music at Miami Dade College, earning his Associate of Arts degree.

    In addition to playing in various bands throughout the years, Bryan has played in Miami's largest Christian ministry for the last 17 years. During that time, he has traveled throughout South America and Europe playing in various Arenas and Stadiums. Along with playing in the ministry, He is currently the lead guitar player for Blues Persuasion Band, playing a variety of classic Blues and Rock hits.

    Bryan is excited to help you on your musical journey, whether you're a beginner, or an experienced player, he can help you grow as a musician.

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