Teacher Profile: Brian Ferguson

Brian Ferguson

Brian Ferguson

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano

City: Miami/South Florida

Education: Florida Atlantic University

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    About Brian Ferguson

    Brian Ferguson is currently a senior in the music program at Florida Atlantic University. He has played guitar and bass since grade school in styles including rock, jazz, folk, and pop.

    Brian has performed with local groups based in Boca Raton such as Toledo, FAU Jazz Guitar Ensemble, and FAU Commercial Music Ensemble. Outside of music he enjoys playing soccer, video games, and cooking. Brian also has a passion for animals and used to attend a zoo keeping camp every summer. In high school, he received the John Philip Sousa Award for musical excellence and leadership.

    Teaching has always been Brian’s passion, whether a new guitar student, a high school marching band, or college students learning sound engineering. Mr. Ferguson enjoys working with children as well as adults and is excited to teach students with Lessons In Your Home!

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