Teacher Profile: Blake Vollrath

Blake Vollrath

Blake Vollrath

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Voice

City: Atlanta

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    About Blake Vollrath

    Since he first picked up a guitar at the age of 12, Blake had a deep passion for music and was inspired to learn so he could play for his church. As an independent and focused learner, Blake developed an understood of music theory on the guitar and quickly picked up the piano as well. Not long after, he was lead guitarist for a gospel music group that traveled to other churches regionally. Blake eventually went on to begin singing and became the music director and choir leader of his church shortly thereafter. With a deep desire to push himself to grow as a musician, Blake began composing his own songs as an expression of worship for his congregation.

    Blake believes that music is an amazing way to learn more about others, the situations around you, and yourself. Despite being primarily a self taught musician, Blake understands the value of fostering discipline, consistency, and musical independence in lessons. He enjoys using his unique experiences and gifting for music to inspire his students and teach in a way that can be understood and inspire them to develop the courage and commitment to develop a deep love and understanding of music that will serve them for a lifetime.

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