Teacher Profile: Avalon Reed

Avalon Reed

Avalon Reed

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Seattle

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    About Avalon Reed

    Avalon is a pianist, vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. Having come from a big, musical family, their love for music grew instantly. Born and raised in the greater Seattle area, their passion was nurtured by the art that runs the city. Similarly, art and expression is Avalon’s life source.

    Avalon studied music academically as early as they were allowed, starting piano lessons in 2011 and continuing on into their adult life. They participated in choir starting in 2013 and placed in advanced choirs from 2016 through 2020 under Bothell High School’s Taylor Iverson. High school choir exposed Avalon to teaching and leading opportunities in class and competitions like Solo and Ensemble. This is where Avalon and their choral ensemble became district winners for Solo and Ensemble in 2020. Through their professional and personal childcare experience, they got to attempt teaching and leading with music. Avalon has seen the integration of music as a vehicle of expression, self awareness, and communication in human development. Avalon brings these values into their work as a music instructor.

    In their free time, Avalon stays true to their musicianship and artistry, by playing and singing, drawing, painting, tattooing or otherwise hanging out with their family and pets!

    Avalon’s professional, academic, and personal experience allows for a teacher who creates an environment for authentic expression, learning, and joy!

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