Teacher Profile: Arturo Munoz

Arturo Munoz

Arturo Munoz

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Washington, DC

Education: Prince George Community College; Towson University

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    About Arturo Munoz

    Arturo Munoz is a guitarist and music producer/audio engineer born in Washington D.C. and raised in Maryland and Mexico. He started out as a self-taught guitarist from middle school to high school. After high school, he started to be professionally taught by professors/professional musicians at Prince George Community College and Towson University. His guitar-playing skills vary from classical and jazz to pop and rock music. From there he has been performing for musicians and for people.

    Not only is he good with his guitar skills, but he is also great in his music production/audio engineering skills. His music started out as a singer/songwriter composition, and later evolved into EDM/Dubstep style of music with the use of experimental sound designing. He has experimented with many different genres of music and had his music played in Towson’s annual music performance known as Prism. His music is now instrumental focus with a fusion of different genres.

    He has taught many different people about where to get started in music technology and guitar, he encourages people to always have fun in creating new ideas and learning new techniques. His goal for his students is to not only inspire them but to encourage them to always do their best while having fun doing so.

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