Teacher Profile: Anjie Skaya

Anjie Skaya

Anjie Skaya

Instrument(s): Music Therapy, Piano, Violin

City: Miami/South Florida

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    About Anjie Skaya

    Aundjala Suhatskaya, also known as Anjie Skaya, was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in 1971. She was accepted to The Republic Music School for Gifted Children of R. Glier in 1978 for the class of Violin. During her 12 years of music schooling, she had multiple Violin Solo performances, Radio and TV recordings, and appearances.

    At the age of 16, Anjie became an assistant to a conductor for the School Opera and Theater Orchestra under the leadership of Alexander A Davidov, a Conductor for the Tashkent Opera and Ballet Theater of A. Navoi. She was responsible for conducting the Student and Teachers School Chorus and the School Unison of Violinists Ensemble.

    Anjie had studied with professors from Tashkent Conservatory of Music, Glier and Uspensky Music Schools, Moscow Institute of Gnessin, and also privately with A.D Zelyanodjevo, S.S. Pogosov, Gorelick, and many others. She worked as a violinist in the Tashkent Opera and Ballet Theater Orchestra before immigrating to New York in 1993.

    During her 20-year period (1993-2013) living in New York, Anjie acquired a BA in Psychology and Computer Graphic Design from Brooklyn College in 2000. She landed a job at Bloomberg LP as a graphic designer, and her creations were shown at offices, bridges, and buildings throughout the world. Anjie continued to play music for family, friends, and private events. She pursued her passion for art by attending Minerva’s Drawing Studio, Michael Alan Drawing marathons, and The Art Students League in New York. Her artwork has been exhibited and sold at art auctions and to private collectors.

    In 2013 Anjie moved to Florida to pursue her passions for music and art. She has experience teaching at music in several schools throughout Florida, performing with numerous orchestras and ensembles, and recording with local bands and independent musicians. Anjie is an active member of the Broward Symphony Orchestra and Cornbread Dance Band.

    Anjie is committed to seeking goodness in all things and continues to teach violin and piano in addition to working on her art and music projects while living in South Florida.

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