Teacher Profile: Andrew Rueda

Andrew Rueda

Andrew Rueda

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Composition, Guitar, Music Production, Voice

City: Orlando

Education: Rollins College

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    About Andrew Rueda

    Andrew Rueda is an Orlando native. He has been playing guitar since the age of 15, and singing since age 7. He attended Trinity Preparatory School in Winter Park, where he was selected for the Tenor-Bass All State Choir in 2020. He studied music theory, technology, production and performance at Rollins College, where he received his Bachelor's degree with honors in Music. In addition to teaching, Andrew is the front man and manager for the band Admin and has regular performances throughout the Orlando area. In his free time, he enjoys sailing, motorcycling, cooking and exercising.

    Andrew's first experience performing was with the children's choir at his church, and in middle school he joined the church's youth worship team. He was encouraged to learn the guitar in high school to become one of the church's worship leaders, so he began teaching himself through library books and online videos. At the same time, he continued his singing career as a member of his school's competitive a cappella group, Vocal Society, which has received numerous awards in the International Competition of High School A cappella. He sang in Rollins Choir under direction of the acclaimed conductor Dr. John Sinclair, and was also a member of the a cappella jazz ensemble Rollins Singers, led by Voctave member Jamey Ray.

    When it comes to opportunities in the field of music, Andrew is a big advocate of a "never say no" policy. He believes the best way to improve as a musician is to continually push the boundaries of what an individual thinks they are capable of, and only then can one truly discover their limits. Having a willing and optimistic attitude also facilitates the making of new connections and the reinforcement of preexisting ones, while showcasing yourself as a reliable and positive musical person.

    Andrew believes that the best lessons happen when teachers and students are able to make genuine connections, as it allows for teachers to be able to meet the student's needs as well as possible, and facilitates a welcoming environment for the best musical education offered. As a person who has a passion for music, Andrew loves sharing that passion with others, and nothing makes him happier than being able to instill that passion in another person.

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