Teacher Profile: Anastasia Lowe

Anastasia Lowe

Anastasia Lowe

Instrument(s): Viola, Violin

City: Dallas

Education: Texas Woman’s University

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    About Anastasia Lowe

    Anastasia, originally from Michigan, relocated to Texas in 2008. Her love for the violin began at the age of 10, and since then, she has been unwavering in her dedication to the instrument. Joining her school orchestra during elementary school, she continued to be an integral part of various ensembles throughout her college years.

    Anastasia holds a BA in Music liberal arts from Texas Woman’s University. Beyond her musical pursuits, she finds joy in playing in ensembles and orchestras, cherishing time spent with friends, and has recently discovered a newfound passion for crocheting. Eager to share the joy of playing the violin, Anastasia looks forward to teaching others this beautiful art form.

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