Teacher Profile: An Tran

An Tran

An Tran

Instrument(s): Piano, Violin

City: Washington, DC

Education: George Mason University

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    About An Tran

    Born and raised in Northern Virginia, An Tran is an avid pianist, violinist, and rising composer. He began his music journey at the early grade of kindergarten with piano lessons. He would soon go on to also pick up violin in 4th grade, courtesy of his school's string program. An would learn to love playing both solo and ensemble music for piano and orchestra, in which he would continue to do so throughout his K-12 program, and continue on to George Mason University. He is currently in GMU's Symphony Orchestra.

    An's love for music stems from passion from what he enjoys. This includes film scores from beautiful works of composers like Joe Hisaishi, who scored Totoro, Howl's Castle, and more. Having sense that music can be enjoyed not only on its own but with other mediums, An firmly believes that music is a fundamental part of everyday life. To teach students to pursue music with passion is his goal, and to do so he will work to help support student's interest and passion to intertwine them with what they love. He also believes that to do so, having a strong foundation of basic understanding in theory and technique will be important in a young musician's journey.

    An is currently pursuing 2 degrees at GMU in Music and Information Technology. In the Music realm, An is pursuing a balance between his performance and composition work with the goal of scoring films. He believes that setting on a mission to help teach young musicians to find their love for music and their instrument will not only help improve himself to learn, but to also spread the joy of what it means to be a musician.

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