Teacher Profile: Aman Almeida

Aman Almeida

Aman Almeida

Instrument(s): Drums, Guitar, Piano

City: Seattle

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    About Aman Almeida

    Aman is a performing multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Bangalore, India who loves to teach music to anyone who is interested. He tailors his teaching style to fit his students’ personalities, abilities, and academic schedules, so they can have a fun yet productive learning experience.

    He first encountered music from his mother, who is a wonderful Hindustani classical vocalist. She often sang melodious songs to him as a child, and later taught him to sing with sargam (Indian solfege). Fascinated by the feeling of pitch and rhythm, Aman was constantly hovering around his friends’ musical instruments and learned quickly by watching them play. He also had a creative knack for art and film. As a middle-schooler, he would often produce short films and write songs with his friends for fun.

    In 2016, he left India to pursue a career in music. He attended a reputed music performance program in Cleveland for 2 years, where he was mentored by and played with luminary jazz artists including award winning film scorer Terence Blanchard, and national recording artist Dominick Farinacci. Outside of his academics, Aman actively participated in Cleveland’s thriving music community and loved every bit of it. He played regularly with a myriad of artists including Salsa veteran Sammy DeLeone, Elijah Gilmore (drummer for Gladys Knight), and tenor saxophone giant Ernie Krivda. He eventually decided to transfer to the Berklee College of Music, where he completed his bachelor’s degree in music production and jazz piano.

    Aman is currently based out of Seattle, WA where he has been performing and teaching since 2020.

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