Teacher Profile: Allegra Larson

Allegra Larson

Allegra Larson

Instrument(s): Fiddle, Piano, Singing, Violin, Voice

City: Denver

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    About Allegra Larson

    Allegra is a native of Springfield, Illinois where she grew up playing music

    from the age of five. In 2012 she earned her B.A. in Music from Millikin

    University. She is a pianist, a violinist, and a vocalist who has spent her

    life taking lessons, attending competitions, going to camps, performing in

    ensembles, accompanying shows, and doing everything else musical she

    can find.

    Allegra had rigorous classical training growing up but later discovered a

    love for theater and has performed in dozens of musicals both in the cast

    and in the orchestra. She also spent a summer in Italy playing fiddle in a

    folk band.

    She believes in giving her students a strong foundation so that they are

    able to go into every musical experience as the best musician they can be.

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