Teacher Profile: Adam Jagdfeld

Adam Jagdfeld

Adam Jagdfeld

Instrument(s): Percussion, Piano

City: Washington, DC

Education: University of Wisconsin Madison

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    About Adam Jagdfeld

    Adam Jagdfeld is a piano teacher, composer, and accompanist located in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

    Discovering a love for music at the young age of 5, Adam's journey began in small-town Wisconsin with private classical tutoring. Set to graduate with a focus on Jazz Studies, he is now completing his Bachelors of Music in Piano Performance online from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Back on campus, Adam previously studied under Professor Johannes Wallmann while maintaining membership in several university ensembles, including his time as principal pianist for the UW Jazz Orchestra and assistant music director for the Wisconsin Singers. While piano is his primary focus, he has experience instructing and performing on both marimba & vibraphone (two or four mallet technique) and a variety of electronic instruments.

    Alongside his studies at UW, Adam began his career as a music educator while offering in-home lessons for students in the greater Madison area. His approach to teaching draws on a diverse musical background that strives to encompass elements of music theory, performance, and creativity at the keyboard. He understands that each student is uniquely interested in music — tailoring lessons to the individual is key to unlocking their full potential as an artist.

    Adam is excited to share his passion and knowledge of music with others, and is looking to inspire a similar appreciation with all of his students!

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