Teacher Profile: Abbie Palmer

Abbie Palmer

Abbie Palmer

Instrument(s): Guitar, Music Therapy, Piano, Ukulele, Voice

City: Washington, DC

Education: Shenandoah Conservatory

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    About Abbie Palmer

    Abbie Palmer is a multi-instrumental Music Teacher specializing in Harp, Piano, Voice, Guitar, Ukulele, and Banjo. She has been an active instructor since 2007 and is also a board certified music therapist. She enjoys focusing on the philosophy of following the passion of the student, while also ensuring proper technique in the beginning stages of playing. Her educational philosophy is based on creating student-centered lessons that uncover what music means to them as an individual. With this approach, she finds students enjoy their study so much more, and the more playing, the better!

    Abbie completed her music degree at Shenandoah University, majoring in Music Therapy. As a board certified music therapist she has worked with a wide variety of populations and understands how to adapt music to meet the needs of anyone engaging in a musical experience. Music Therapy incorporates Piano, Guitar, and Voice, primarily, so in her time at Shenandoah, she studied these areas intensively.

    Abbie's secondary focus in college was Classical harp performance. Abbie has performed at esteemed venues such as the Kennedy Center performing pedal harp with the National String Symphonia. She also has deep roots in the Celtic genre as well as contemporary/pop/rock music. Abbie regularly performs her original music as a singer-songwriter as well. Abbie began songwriting in 2007 and has gone on to perform and record professionally with her original music. As a singer-songwriter, she's recorded 3 full length albums with various other artists and has gone on two tours to showcase her original music.

    Abbie believes in a warm and friendly approach to teaching, and she enjoys working with students of all ages. She also has experience working with special needs students as a board certified Music Therapist. Abbie believes that music is a personalized experience and emphasizes the importance of enjoyment and passion in the craft. Also for adult students, understanding the neurological impacts of music can be beneficial for those interested in how the brain and body system is benefitting from creating music.

    Music is a rich experience, and Abbie enjoys supporting students' journeys as they learn and grow from music engagement in their lives.

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