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You know it’s time to get the children started with in-home private music lessons. Maybe the lessons are for you, how about the whole family? You’re smart enough to know that music lessons are important but what about finding a teacher? Do you call a music store? Will their teacher be right for you? Then there’s the getting there; the traffic, hauling the kids back and forth, what about dinner? Yeah – Right! Like that’s going to happen. You don’t need lessons with just any ol’ teacher, especially a task master, intimidating, practice demanding monster that bores students. What you’re looking for is an engaged, fun, well-educated, motivational, big smiling and super excited personality that loves teaching Music. A teacher who makes lessons fun. You already know what you need. You need Lessons in Your Home-the music teachers who come to your home or school to teach fun, private music lessons. Their teachers constantly think of great ways to motivate every student. They turn students into dazzling musicians ready to break out a song and share their talents with the world. Now you’re saying “Hey, this could work” Lessons in your Home teaches piano, guitar, voice, violin, in fact they teach every music instrument you could think of. Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3. 

  1. Give Lessons in your home a call or email
  2. They’ll ask important questions about each student ensuring a teacher that’s best for you 
  3. Schedule and start your lessons. What are you waiting for? Start Lessons now with Lessons in Your Home!

Get Private Piano Lessons Across the Nation With Our World-Class Piano Teachers

The best Piano lesson teachers in the great state of Colorado are working with Lessons In Your Home. Our piano teachers hold music degrees from popular schools such as the University of Denver and Colorado State University. Many graduated with honors and other various accolades for their high level of professionalism on the piano. Sheer technical skill is not all that makes Lessons In Your Home piano teachers great; these Denver based pianists are some of the most versatile players in the world. From Beethoven to John Legend, they can play it all! Proficiency and personability are the two traits that separate our teachers from the rest.
All of the teachers at Lessons In Your Home have successfully completed a meticulous interview process that guarantees their instrument proficiency as well as their people skills. If you’re looking for piano lesson teachers in Denver, Lessons In Your Home can help!

Eric Estrada

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Trumpet, Ukulele

City: Denver

Eric Estrada a multi-instrumentalist specializing in trumpet and piano, based in the Denver Metro area. Eric received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver in Jazz and American Improvised Music with an emphasis in trumpet performance.

Eric began his musical journey at the …

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John Tanguma

Instrument(s): Drums, Piano

City: Denver

Jaytee at the age of 10 years old received his first snare drum and started learning how to play that thing. In a few short years when he was an 8th grader, his Jr. High School went into the recording studio and “cut” an album! Jaytee played drum kit on 4 of the 6 tracks which meant the two 9th graders, a…

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Natalie Thompson

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Denver

Natalie Thompson was born and raised in Colorado and is currently living in Denver. Natalie has been playing the piano since the age of six and has been studying voice since her Junior year in high school. She received herBachelor’s in Music Education at Metropolitan State University of Denver where she stu…

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Kevin Larkin

Instrument(s): Guitar, Mandolin, Piano

City: Denver

Kevin Larkin grew up in a musical family in Troy, Michigan and has been teaching at Westwoods since 2011. He began playing piano at an early age and got his first guitar when he was 16. He graduated from the University of Colorado in 2004 with a degree in Structural Engineering. While in college he discov…

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Nancy Finney

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Denver

Nancy Finney is a pianist, singer/songwriter, and musician based in Denver/Littleton, Colorado. She has been trained by musicians and professors at the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. Finney performs songs in Denver with her bandmates and has taught piano lesso…

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Kendall Eddy

Instrument(s): Bass, Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Piano

City: Denver

In two decades as a musician, acoustic and electric bassist Kendall Eddy has given thousands of performances in over 30 of the United States, Canada, Italy, Japan, Norway, Panama and throughout the Caribbean. He has had extensive studio recording experience, appearing on dozens of recordings by Boston & New Y…

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Adrian Nolazco

Music has been a life long passion for Mr. Adrian Nolazco. A graduate of Nicholls State University, Mr. Nolazco has had a hand in various different event in South Louisiana. A saxophonist of 17+ years, he performed in various different ensembles at Nicholls including the Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, and Marchi…

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Masaki Kleinkopf

Instrument(s): Piano, Trombone

City: Denver

Masaki is an active jazz trombonist, composer and educator in the Denver/Boulder area. He holds the BM degree in Jazz Studies from CU-Boulder, where he studied with Paul McKee and played in the Downbeat award winning Concert Jazz Ensemble. Masaki is active in numerous groups and has performed at Dazzle, Noc…

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Thomas Hinds

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Denver

Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Thomas has fostered a lifelong passion for music through his devotion to the study of piano and vocal performance. Beginning at the early age of 5, his two decades of experience have expanded to include an eclectic range of disciplines including composition, music theory,…

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Jack Harrington

Instrument(s): Piano, Saxophone

City: Denver

Jack Harrington grew up outside of Boulder, Colorado, and began playing saxophone in school bands at an early age. He earned a BM in Music Performance with a concentration in Jazz Studies from Colorado State University and studied under Peter Sommer and Wil Swindler. He has had the privilege of sharing the st…

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What Families Say About Us

Frequently Asked Questions About Piano Lessons

What is the best age to start piano lessons?

Learning piano is for all ages, from kids to seniors alike! But when taking piano lessons, it is best to start at an age where children have adequately sized hands (can occupy at least 5 keys), sufficient motor skills to move their fingers independently, and an interest to learn. For some, the best age might be around 5 to 6, but others can start as early as 3, especially if they already know the first 7 letters of the alphabet!

Is it necessary to have any musical ability before starting piano lessons?

Every great musician started with no musical ability, so no background is needed! Enrolling in piano lessons without prior musical knowledge is perfectly fine. We’ll not only help get you started on the right foot, but more importantly, we’ll also help encourage and sustain your child’s desire to keep learning.

Do I need to have a piano before starting piano lessons?

Yes and no! While an acoustic piano is best for practice, it is not a requirement. However, you need to have some kind of practice instrument. For beginners, a weighted electronic keyboard can suffice.

Should I buy a piano or a keyboard for piano lessons?

A few things to consider when buying a piano include the cost, your home’s space, and how serious you are about taking piano lessons. Acoustic pianos tend to be more expensive and bigger, while digital keyboards are more light and compact and cost considerably less than acoustic pianos.

For the beginning stages, you may opt for a good-quality keyboard. See our recommended digital keyboards. Once you progress in your lessons, learning on an acoustic piano is recommended.

How long does it take to be a good pianist?

Being able to play the piano considerably well depends on how much you practice. To progress quickly, you should be able to practice every day for at least 15 minutes. See our tips for being a better pianist.

If you aim to play songs comfortably, you may get to a good level in 2 to 3 years. If being a concert pianist is your goal, it can take more hours, even decades or work. What’s important is having the motivation to refine your skills!

Can parents sit in on piano lessons?

Absolutely! We understand that children might be hesitant in going to piano lessons for the first few weeks, and we allow parents to sit in to observe and encourage them as they practice.

How long should you practice for your piano lessons?

It is important to practice every day! The practice duration for each student varies depending on their age and level. But as a good rule of thumb, every piano student should practice every day for at least 15 minutes. For beginners, it could take as much as 15 to 20 minutes a day, while more advanced students take 45 minutes to an hour.

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