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You know it’s time to get the children started with in-home private music lessons. Maybe the lessons are for you, how about the whole family? You’re smart enough to know that music lessons are important but what about finding a teacher? Do you call a music store? Will their teacher be right for you? Then there’s the getting there; the traffic, hauling the kids back and forth, what about dinner? Yeah – Right! Like that’s going to happen. You don’t need lessons with just any ol’ teacher, especially a task master, intimidating, practice demanding monster that bores students. What you’re looking for is an engaged, fun, well-educated, motivational, big smiling and super excited personality that loves teaching Music. A teacher who makes lessons fun. You already know what you need. You need Lessons in Your Home-the music teachers who come to your home or school to teach fun, private music lessons. Their teachers constantly think of great ways to motivate every student. They turn students into dazzling musicians ready to break out a song and share their talents with the world. Now you’re saying “Hey, this could work” Lessons in your Home teaches piano, guitar, voice, violin, in fact they teach every music instrument you could think of. Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3. 

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Get Private Band & Orchestra Lessons Across The Nation With Our Teachers

Lessons In Your Home is a tight-knit family of world-class band & orchestra teachers. We’re passionate about helping students take extracurricular band & orchestra lessons to the next level in a fun, personable environment. Our key to success is ensuring the best student/teacher relationship. Our private lessons are done in-home, and our teachers will come to you.

Kylah Edge

Instrument(s): Drums, Piano, Voice

City: Atlanta

Kylah Edge has been around music all of her life. She began singing at a very young age while also picking up the guitar. All through middle school she participated in both choir and band which is where she first learned how to read music. In high school she became apart of a national award winning acapella …

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Brandt Leich

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Orlando

Brandt began taking lessons at the age of 5 and quickly excelled and fell in love with music. He is a graduate of Baptist Bible College in Springfield MO with a BA in Church Music. He began teaching piano as a senior in high school for the school district he attended (Allen Park, MI) and has been teaching stu…

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George Mayo III

George Mayo III is from Wilmington, North Carolina where they began their musical journey on the trumpet in 2011. They are an active Brass and Piano Teacher in the Washington, D.C. area, working with students of all ages.

George was an avid singer throughout middle school and high school where they played …

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Paul Jackson

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Denver

Born in Englewood, Colorado, Paul Jackson is a CU Denver, Music Business and applied guitar graduate. He began listening and learning songs by ear at the age of 15, and was trained by the guitarist, Jeff Matchet from 2000 to 2004. Paul has 10 years of experience with studio and live sound, recording his own …

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Victoria Ho

Vicky is a music teacher originally from Cocoa Beach, FL. She has been teaching since 2008, starting in the Central Florida area and has been in the Southwest Virginia region for the past five years. She has finished coursework for her Masters of Science in Music Therapy at Radford University and received he…

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Joel Gutierrez

Instrument(s): Drums

City: Houston

Joel Gutierrez is a local drummer with a passion for doing live performance. Joel has played with an original music band for the last 20 years, plays covers as a sit in musician with several bands around town has done work in a few churches and has made a name for himself locally by doing so.

Joel commonl…

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Zak Sloan

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Voice

City: Denver

I’ve always been a musician, it just took me a long time to admit I was an artist. I only made it part way through music school before I left to make sure I had a backup plan. The thing was, the backup plan quickly became my actual trajectory. I became a 4th grade teacher in Aurora, Colorado. I loved it and I…

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Seth Plemmons

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Houston

Upon graduating college Seth began playing guitar full-time and currently plays with 4 bands, locally in the Houston area, as well as at a church every week. He specializes in rock, blues, folk, and country guitar, and has been playing guitar for over 13 years and teaching for about 6 years. Music is Seth’s p…

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Michael Laird

Instrument(s): Horns, Oboe, Piano, Saxophone, Voice

City: Atlanta

Michael is a retired Army veteran, having served 21 years as a soldier and musician in the US Army Band Program. He served in Hawaii, Panama, Korea, and all over the United States. In the Army band he served as oboe player, musical section leader, Drum Major, and the founder and director for the Tropic Lightn…

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Sarah Nguyen

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Houston

Sarah Nguyen is currently pursuing her degree in piano performance at Houston Community College. She has been playing piano since she was 8 years old. As she grew up, she realized that music was her passion and she decided to start teaching to share that love for music with others.

Sarah has taught piano f…

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What Families Say About Us

The Benefits of Learning Band & Orchestra Instruments

As a student, there are so many ways to get involved! The school band and orchestra are popular options of extracurricular activities to explore. Students experience a wide range of benefits when participating in band or orchestra. Playing a musical instrument has been proven to support mental health and overall well-being. In fact, learning band and orchestra instruments can help with cognitive development and improving brain functioning. Learning to play band and orchestra instruments has also been proven to lower stress levels and provide opportunities for teamwork and socialization. Learning an instrument along with others your age can help you connect with peers and gain confidence in your social skills which will follow a student their entire life.

My Child’s Already in a Band/Orchestra – Are Private Lessons Still Needed?

Private lessons offer your child the opportunity to receive one-on-one attention while learning an instrument. Private lessons for band and orchestra students can help boost your child’s confidence as they continue to learn and grow in between classes and performances. Band and orchestra are great ways for your child to learn foundational skills, and private music lessons in your home can positively impact your child’s life and take that passion to the next level. Lessons In Your Home offers private music lessons for a variety of instruments and age groups, and these lessons are especially popular among children and students participating in their school’s band or orchestra.

Different Band & Orchestra Instruments You Could Learn

Band and orchestra offer opportunities with a wide range of musical instruments to learn. Musical instruments commonly used in bands and orchestras include four major categories of instrument families: woodwind, brass, string, and percussion. Here are common examples of the different band and orchestra instruments your child can learn at school and with private lessons.

Woodwind Instruments for Band & Orchestra

Woodwind instruments got their name from the wood material they used to be made of and for the way you play them by blowing air through a mouthpiece. Today, woodwind instruments can be made of wood, metal, plastic, or a combination of these materials. Woodwind instruments are typically in a cylinder or pipe shape with holes with a mouthpiece at the top and a hole at the bottom.

Common woodwind instruments in band and orchestra include: Clarinet, Flute, Oboe and Bassoon.

Brass Instruments for Band & Orchestra

Brass instruments got their name from the material they were and continue to be made of: brass. These instruments have a mouthpiece with long pipes that end in a bell-shaped opening. Brass instruments have curved and twisted pipes with valves that look like buttons that open and close different parts of the instrument.

Common brass instruments in band and orchestra include: Trumpet, French horn, Trombone and Tuba.

String Instruments for Band & Orchestra

String instruments got their name from the strings that run across the body of the instrument and help create the sound. While many string instruments are made of wood, the sound comes from the strings that are played by fingers or a bow. String instruments range from small, handheld instruments to those that rest against the ground and upper body.

Common string instruments for band and orchestra include: Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass.

Percussion Instruments for Band & Orchestra

Percussion instruments refer to a wide range of instruments that make a sound from being hit, shaken, or scraped. Some percussion instruments can be tuned to play different notes or sounds, while others do not have a definite pitch and instead are used to keep the rhythm. Other percussion instruments create special sounds and add excitement to a musical piece.

Common percussion instruments for band and orchestra include: Drums and Piano.

What Will I Learn When I Take Band & Orchestra Music Lessons at Lessons in Your Home?

Students who take private music lessons and participate in band or orchestra will learn to both master and enjoy their instruments of choice. Playing in a group throughout your childhood and school-age years helps children grow and develop cognitively and socially. Private lessons help to enhance your child’s experience through one-on-one attention they might not receive in a larger group. Private lessons also create opportunities for your child to practice good habits and offer a competitive edge.

Learn to Play Band & Orchestra Instruments Today

Schedule one-on-one private lessons for your band or orchestra student today with Lessons in Your Home. Visit us online to learn more about our unique approach to private lessons and how your child can learn to play the band or orchestra instrument of their choice with private lessons.


What styles of band and orchestra instruments can I learn?

Lessons in Your Home offers private lessons for a wide variety of band and orchestra instruments, including woodwind, brass, strings, and percussion instruments.

Do I need to have an instrument to start lessons?

You don’t need to own your own instrument in order to start lessons, but you will need to secure one somehow. Many bands and orchestras will offer loaner instruments to children, and you can also look into renting one from a locally-owned store in your area. If you aren’t sure where to look for an instrument, you can talk to your teacher to get some resources and ideas on where to rent, buy, or borrow one from.

How old do you have to be to start taking band and orchestra lessons?

Lessons In Your Home teaches children as young as five years old. We offer orchestra and band music lessons for students who currently play in or want to join their school or community ensemble.

How much time should be spent practicing band and orchestra instruments?

Practice and repetition are the keys to success when it comes to learning band and orchestra instruments. If your child is already in their school or community’s band or orchestra, then they likely get to practice regularly with a group. It is generally recommended that you practice each day to get the most out of learning a new instrument.

Do I need to prepare anything for my first band or orchestra lesson?

Our teachers will meet you where you’re at! Not only do we provide private lessons in your home, but we also offer private lessons with one-on-one attention that addresses your age, experience, skill level, goals, and needs. The best thing you can do is come to your first private lesson with an open mind and an eagerness to get started.

How much do band and orchestra music lessons cost?

Lessons in Your Home offers a variety of weekly session times, including 30, 45, and 60 minutes. The cost for private lessons will vary based on the length of time and frequency of sessions. Call us today or fill out our online form to learn more about the cost of band and orchestra music lessons for your child.