As a music teacher, I hear the phrase “I wish I did not quit (instrument) after middle/school/high school/etc.” countless times. Even if you are involved in a community music ensemble, your church band, a folk band, or anything in between, I could not recommend keeping music in your life more! Not only do a lot of folks regret dropping music out of their lives, there are plenty of important life skills that music can impart unto everyone that takes the time to learn the piano. Here’s 6 reasons why you should enroll in piano lessons and stick with the piano whether your lessons continue for many years or your student chooses to progress on their own. 

Great Repertoire

Many of the greatest composers throughout history have graced the piano with some of the finest music ever written. From Bach to Chopin to Max Richter, a pianist will never get bored considering how much music exists for their instrument.  Whether you are enrolled in piano lessons or not, there is always amazing piano music for you to explore. 

The Versatility of the Piano

Out of all instruments in the Western music tradition, the piano is by far the most ubiquitous in so many styles of music. More broadly, the ability to play the piano keyboard opens the opportunity to be involved in a wide breadth of music. Various synthesizers also use the same layout of the keyboard, which offer infinite variety in the sounds one can create at the piano. 

Improves Focus and Attention to Detail

Music requires high levels of focus and a precise attention to detail to make everything sound as accurate as possible to the original composer or arranger’s ideas. In my experience, I have found that consistently working with these elements in music regularly brings them to bear in other areas of my life. 

Improves Dexterity

The piano is a challenging instrument. All of your fingers plus your feet are liable to get used at any point while playing music. The ability to individually control your fingers and feet while playing the piano makes you significantly more dexterous.  

Improves Cognitive Function:

Many studies have shown that investing time into learning music can result in improved brain function across the board. On average, high school students that are involved in music perform better in their academic studies. Beyond high school, music helps keep the brain sharp. This is no surprise considering that music is one of the best ways to improve coordination between one’s left and right brain. It is no secret that music harnesses a musician’s creative potential, which would be training their right brain. However, music is also highly analytical and technical. Think of it like learning a whole new language, fully equipped with its own set of grammar rules. We call this language music theory. Lessons In Your Home instructors are specialized in training students’ analytical abilities alongside harnessing their creative potential. This is how your student can improve their coordination between their left and right sides of the brain in their piano lessons. 

It’s Meaningful and FUN

Music has this magical ability to capture imagination and emotion unlike anything else. One of the great clichés when talking about music is to say that ”when words fail, music speaks.” This rings with a strong sense of truth, and I do love a good catchy phrase. Music can capture emotion and communicate it in a clear, concise way, without ever over-explaining it in words. It is understood in an instant, and the best music out there grips one’s soul with powerful intensity. Beyond that, music is also a collaborative experience. Some of my best memories are of playing concerts, going to listen to music, or just jamming with my friends. As mentioned earlier, playing the piano gives you a plethora of options to make music with. Keep up with the piano throughout the rest of your life, and you’ll find a lifetime of fulfillment from music!
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