The Saxophone Is Awesome

4 Reasons Why The Saxophone Is Awesome

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So, everyone wants to know what instrument that their child should learn when they have zero interest in the piano. I would have to say that the saxophone is one of the instruments that is overlooked when a student isn’t already in band. The saxophone is actually pretty amazing and here’s why.

The Saxophone Sounds Like A Real Voice

There aren’t many instruments that can actually sound like a human singing. The saxophone is one of them. The capability of the instrument to play both smooth and rough tones in a continuous vocalizing manner also makes the sound able to fit in almost any type of music and convey the right emotion.

The Saxophone Is  Easy To Start

In regards to other woodwind instruments, the saxophone has relatively easy fingerings and to get the sound out of the instrument is also fairly easy, versus something like the flute. So, it has a level of ease that is similar to piano in terms of difficulty to get started. For children, the instrument size recommended would be alto saxophone. Beginners shouldn’t start with soprano saxophone even though it’s smaller.

An Extremely Versatile Instrument

Many students in today’s lessons climate want to learn popular music. The saxophone is an instrument that will fit virtuoso music and popular music alike. They can also take it band, play in symphony or just relax with a jazz groove when they want to learn how to play jazz. It’s an instrument that can grow with you and you’re not stuck only playing one type of music. This will increase the fun in lessons and also encourage experimenting in genres.

The Saxophone Looks Cool

Let us not forget that we all were children at one point, and what our friends thought of us was one of the most important things in the world. The saxophone won’t disappoint in making a student proud of what they play. Many students choose guitar because of the way that the person they say play guitar looks. There are a myriad of YouTube videos with saxophone solos of cool musicians having a great time on stage that would show up even the showmen and women who play guitar. So, don’t underestimate the power of friend support in playing music.
The choice of an instrument is important as it can either deepen or deter the interest of a child in music, something that’s easy to start and quick to encourage more exploration is usually the best type of instrument to start beginners on music.


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