Stay Inside, Don’t Sweat, Learn A Song on Some Frets!

Brain Power! Turn the summer into solar power for your mind!

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Summer Playing Makes the Guitar Grow Fonder!

We all know that during the summer, the days are long but our attention span is not. A lot of the time, we do not keep up on our studies, as we should. Practicing guitar, studying theory, and working on sight-reading keeps your brain nice and fresh.
Music keeps the mind sharp by using all of the skills one would use every day in class throughout the school year. For example, ear training is similar to learning a new language; each tone has its own sound and meaning. Sight-reading is like reading a story, only the plot is your favorite song! Actually playing your instrument helps to develop your motor skills and dexterity. Practicing songs will help you to visualize and work on memorizing patterns, which is important to the learning process in general.

Charge It Up!

Whether it be improvising, singing with friends, or learning some new songs, the summer break offers extra free time for more progress. Here are three ways to make that progress and keep fresh in the summer.

Hear Ye! Theory!

Studying new theoretical concepts puts the brain into a deep-thinking state of mind. New theory concepts will make one use their literal five senses as well as their imagination.
Here’s how: Take a scale or note pattern that you already play on the guitar. Lets say that you can play the G major scale for an example. Now, think about a scale that you don’t know, one that starts on the note Bb (again for example). First starting on the note Bb see if the same pattern of notes will create a new Major scale for you to play. If it does, that’s one more scale and a new Music Theory for you to hold onto. If not (you’ll hear if it doesn’t) what would have to change to make it sound correct? Again, now you’re learning theory independently without a guitar teacher. How many scales can you learn?
Applying these concepts to an instrument, a staff, and/or your auditory memory are excellent exercises for your brain. Theory embraces aspects of every subject that you study in school.

Grab A Friend And Teach Them Guitar!

Hanging out with friends and bonding over music is a very special experience. Grab a friend and teach him a song. It’s not only helping them learn guitar and to be creative, but it’s also reinforcing what you have learned.
A lot of times, when teaching somebody a piece of music that you have learned, you may realize details about the song, theoretical concepts, or technique that you never realized. This can be a very rewarding experience because once you have taught a friend a new song, you can play it together, and musicians call this Jamming!

Make a Video To Post Online

Ever wanted to be famous? Summer time is a great time to start working on that dream:). Serious, making a video about guitar is a great way to express your musicianship. What will your video be about? Will it teach others how to play a song? Will it show others a song you can play? Will it explain how you learned a guitar a song and the challenges in it? You’re the star and the director when you record a video.
It’s fun to record, it’s a great project and doing with it a guitar makes it more fun.

Learn a Song In Summer

If you do any of the previous suggestions, Theory, Teaching a Friend, or Making a Video, having fun is what it’s all about. Learn a song in the summer and then learn another, that’s the best thing about playing guitar and taking guitar lessons.
Happy Playing Everyone, Have A Great Guitar Summer!

learn guitar

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