Starting Band Or Orchestra – Are In-Home Music Lessons Important?

Fun And Excitement In Choosing A Band or Orchestra Instrument
Just like buying school supplies is a blast, so is choosing the band or orchestra instrument a student will play. Band instruments will include Trumpet, Tuba, Trombone, French Horn, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Bassoon, Oboe and Percussion. Orchestra instruments will include Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass. With so many different shapes and sizes, sounds and volumes to choose from and with all the new stuff you’re deciding on, should you decide on having the lessons, too? The Answer is yes!
Learning To Play Can Be A Scary Proposition
After the fun excitement of choosing an instrument is over, your stuck with band and orchestra class at school. While some kids love it and thrive on it some don’t. For those that don’t, it doesn’t mean that they are not “good musicians,” but it can mean that learning an instrument isn’t what they expected. Given that a lot of students make this choice at the beginning of Middle School or Jr. High School, there are all the emotions that go into that feeling as well. Don’t you know they can stress a parent out!
Tell Tail Sign’s That In-Home Lessons Are What You Need
When you’re talking to your son or daughter and are asking questions about band or orchestra as us parents often do, here are the answers (or similar ones) that might indicate a need:
• Yea, Bands ok, but I’m not really any good.
• Playing Violin is so hard.
• I think I should have chosen another instrument.
• I don’t think I’m going to choose to be in this group next year.
• My Band/Orchestra teacher is kind of mean
The Effects Of Private Music Lessons
Confidence – Private band or orchestra lessons can really have a strong effect on your child’s feeling about music. The first thing is Confidence. If your child is taking trumpet lessons for example, you can bet they will know more and be able to stay ahead of what’s going on in class. All that extra knowledge is going to build up a lot of confidence.
Leaders – Leadership skills will also be one of the positive effects of private music lessons. Orchestra teachers lean on the students who play already, and are taking lessons. They aren’t seen as teachers’ pets but they are seen as the student with the know-how to get it done.
Better Grades – Outside of the band or orchestra classroom, students who learn to play an instrument, any instrument, get better grades. Studies also show us that they are more likely to graduate from college, more likely to be elected on a student council, and have a marked rate of higher test scores.
Piano Lessons
Scholarships – Ok so if you’re thinking I’m crazy here, many parents don’t know that just like athletes who go to college and receive scholarships for sports, colleges also offer big time scholarships for students who can be a part of their music programs. After all, you can’t have a colleges level band or orchestra with students who don’t know how to play, a student who plays an instrument has value, even if their not destined to be a music major.
Better Music – Maybe the best benefit of taking in-home lessons is the music in your child’s ensemble plays will be better. The more students playing their instrument at a higher level means the whole group will learn faster, sound better, and most importantly get to play better music. Band and Orchestra directors have a lot of music to choose from. They’d always love to play the best stuff but are only able to choose what their groups can handle.
Your Time To Choose Is Now
In advance I’d like to apologize for offering one more choice with all the others you have to make, but down inside you know this choice is correct. Instead of making life hectic, choose in-home lessons to relieve the burden, the teachers’ come to your home or even your school! The lessons will have a positive effect.  Don’t hold back, Start Lessons Now!

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