Matt Owen On Guitar, Composition, And Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons In Dallas TX
Matt Owen

Piano Lessons In Dallas TX just got a little more fun! We’d like to introduce you to Matthew Owen, a Dallas native, received his Bachelors in Music from University of North Texas in May 2014. He teaches piano, guitar, music theory, composition, and music production.

Guitar Lesson Influences

His early influences on guitar include Eddie Van Halen and Joe Satriani. He started playing guitar at 12 years old and piano at 18 and from there he was hooked on music! He became heavily interested in theory, composition, and production in college.

Playing Teaching and Composing Music

Matt enjoys playing, teaching, and composing a wide range of musical genre including classical, heavy metal, folk, and pop music. He started writing original music at an early age and began performing his music on stage at 14. Matt is the type of guy that loves to learn new instruments on impulse. He’s picked up violin, acoustic drums, mandolin, ukulele, and ethnic percussion for fun and has a genuine interest in learning as much as he possibly can and helping others to feel just as inspired.

Whats Happening Now

Since graduating, he’s been teaching privately and opened his own composition and song writing business. He’s currently producing a full-length album for a local Christian rapper and a solo album created entirely out of virtual instruments and a choir made up of only his voice.
Matt teaches students of all ages and ability levels. In addition to helping form a solid classical foundation, he likes to encourage creativity in his students and to make the lessons as enjoyable as possible for them. Call now for his availability!

Piano Lessons In Dallas TX

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