Piano, Guitar, Violin, or Sax? Take the Quiz!

Which Instrument Should Your Child Play?
Do you want your child to take music lessons but have no idea what instrument they should learn? Take this fun quiz and find out which instrument fits his/her personality!
Keep track of how many points (in the parenthesis) you get for each answer and then add them up to get your result. Then comment your result below!

Piano, Guitar, Violin, or Sax
What’s Best For Your Child?

1. How old is the student?
A. 4-8 (1)
B.  9-12 (2)
C. 13-17 (3)
2. What is your child’s favorite kind of music?
A. Classical (1)
B. Rock (3)
C. Jazz (3)
D. Popular (2)
E. Movie Soundtracks (3)
3. How many extracurricular activities does your child participate in?
A. 1 or 2 (1)
B. 3 or more (3)
4. What kind of personality does your child have?
A. Mostly high energy (2)
B. Mostly low energy (3)
5. What is his/her favorite subject in school?
A. Math (1)
B. P.E. (3)
C. English (2)
6. Is your child more of a leader or a follower?
A. Leader (1)
B. Follower (3)
C. Both, depending on the situation (2)
7. What instrumental sound does he/she prefer?
A. Loud and cool (2)
B. Soft and mellow (3)
C. Upbeat and fun (2)
D. Unique and pretty (1)
8. For how long can you child sit and focus?
A. 5 minutes or less (3)
B. 15 minutes max (3)
C. 30 minutes max (2)
D. However long he/she needs to complete the task  (1)
9. What kind of learner is your child?
A. Auditory (3)
B. Visual (2)
C. Physical (1)
Calculate your points and see where you are:
10-13 Points Violin: Your child would like to participate in a large ensemble with many different people and instruments. Violin encourages discipline and structure and most schools have orchestras, which gives him/her the opportunity to play with others.
14-17 Points Piano: Your child may enjoy playing a solo instrument more than in an ensemble. Piano is a great instrument for people of all ages and the best instrument with which to begin learning to read music.
18-21 Points Guitar: Your child enjoys playing alone and with a few others. He/she would rather learn popular music. Guitar is perfect for most ages and ukelele is a great introduction to guitar for younger kids 4-8 years old.
22-25 Points Saxophone: Your child enjoys playing in a small ensemble with creative freedom. He/she would like to have the spotlight sometimes and the ability to make up music within a chord structure.
26-27 Points Voice: Your child may enjoy singing on his/her own or singing in a choir. They can participate in school choirs and also at church. With several different styles to choose from like classical, opera, Broadway, or popular music, there are lots of options to keep lessons fun!

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